Why Twin Flames Meet After Marriage

When twin flames meet, it is often after they have been married to other people. Why does this happen?

There are a few possible explanations. First, it is possible that the universe brought them together to help them heal their past wounds and to learn lessons they need to learn.

Second, twin flames usually have a lot of karma to work out with each other. This means that they often need to go through several lifetimes of ups and downs before they can be together in a harmonious relationship.

Third, meeting after marriage allows twin flames to work on their relationship without the added pressure of having to be together all the time. This can help them to strengthen their connection and to better understand each other.

fourth, in some cases, twin flames may meet after marriage because they have chosen to incarnate into different families in order to help balance the energies between them. This can be a very powerful experience for both twin flames, as it allows them to see the other side of the spectrum and to learn from each other.

Finally, it is also possible that twin flames meet after marriage because they are simply meant to be together. Sometimes, despite all the obstacles, twin flames will find their way back to each other.

Whether twin flames meet before or after marriage, it is always a special and sacred connection. These relationships are rare and beautiful, and they teach us so much about love, forgiveness, and growth.