Why Twin Flames Run

When it comes to twin flames, the question of why they wouldrun from each other is a common one. After all, if they aremeant to be together, then why would they not want to be neareach other all the time?

There are a few reasons that twin flames may choose to run fromeach other, even though they are ultimately drawn back togetheragain. In some cases, it may be a matter of one or both partnersnot being ready to face the intensity of the connection. Theuniverse may also be trying to prepare them for the reunion bytests and challenges.

In other instances, twin flames may run from each other becausethey are afraid of the depth of their feelings. The love betweenthem can be so strong and all-consuming that it can be scary tolet oneself be that vulnerable.

Ultimately, though, twin flames will always find their way backto each other. The connection between them is too strong to bedenied and they will be drawn together again and again, no matterwhat obstacles they face.