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One-stop shopping for press release writing, press release makeovers, press release distribution and educational materials on today’s most advanced tactics for media publicity and public relations. Reasonable prices and fast service, too, from publicity guru Marcia Yudkin and her personally trained protégés!

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When you’re releasing a new product, promoting an event, touting your expertise or advocating a cause, a press release (also called a “news release” or “media release”) is the basic tool for getting the word out. Even with today’s burgeoning media hungry for news, however, a vapid, lifeless press release wastes your money and time.

Press releases that sparkle with life

With PressReleaseHelp.com, you get a clearly written, energetic press release that attracts the attention of the appropriate editors, reporters and producers and tempts them to pass along your message to their audience. We can’t guarantee what happens next, but clients of ours have enjoyed an explosion of leads, inquiries and sales.

“Within days of the initial press release you wrote for us, eBoard was featured in several newspapers nationwide and our traffic showed a noticeable increase. During the next month we appeared in dozens of other publications and were featured in a nationally syndicated piece for NBC TV affiliates nationwide. The second press release had the same effect, with a syndicated piece in the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers all over the country.” – Gordon Brott, President, eBoard.com

“The latest release you wrote got good results: many trade journals, newsletters, newspapers and MedStar TV. All of this should turn HipSaver from a $100K company to well over a million. Thanks for your help!” – Edward L. Goodwin, President, HipSaver Company, Canton, MA

Why publicity?
  • Credibility. You’ll bask in an aura of legitimacy and prestige. Readers, listeners and viewers assume that an organization appearing in the media is tops at what they do.
  • Cost-effective leads and sales. When newspapers, magazines, radio, TV or Web sites pick up your story, customers and clients visit your site, call for appointments, plunk down their credit card or walk in your door, all for a fraction of what you’d spend for advertising.
  • Reputation building. Every time your name appears in print or potential customers hear it on the air, the likelihood grows that you come to mind when they need your products or services. Perceived expertise grows with repeated media mentions.
  • A competitive edge. Since most businesses ignore the power of publicity, media coverage positions you above competitors who have not pursued it.
  • Enticing business opportunities. Many a publicity recipient has received an eye-opening phone call or email from the vice-president of a corporation they would normally not have access to: “Have you ever thought of…?”
Why PressReleaseHelp.com?

Thousands of PR firms, publicists and independent business writers can churn out halfway decent press releases. But why not spring for the best:

  • A properly specific and engaging headline. “Mystery meat” headlines don’t get read. Our headlines make clear what’s being promoted, so that the right media gatekeepers pay attention.
  • A journalistic tone. Media folks toss anything that comes across as a sales piece or contains empty adjectives or unsupported hype. Our releases read like lively newspaper or magazine stories, with the explanations, anecdotes and quotes that delight editors and reporters.
  • Emphasis on the benefits of your product, service, event or cause for a certain group. Your message comes across as useful and interesting when we stress the “so what” of your offering rather than just the “what.”
  • Details that inspire action. Your release will include prices, times, URLs, phone numbers – the practical facts that enable the ultimate recipient of your message to place an order or learn more.
  • Creative flair. You get the panache you’d expect from Marcia Yudkin, author of the acclaimed classic guide, Six Steps to Free Publicity, or protégés she has personally trained. Everyone in the media business takes pleasure in the crisp, imaginative use of words.

All the above ingredients are yours when you engage PressReleaseHelp.com.

“The press release you rewrote for us was simply dynamite. We knew it was a winner, and within hours it had our phone ringing with the press wanting to publish our story. Thanks!” – Kristie Tamsevicius, WebMomz.com, KristieT.com

Who’s behind PressReleaseHelp.com?

Marcia YudkinMarcia Yudkin gives you proven writing talent and keen expertise on the publicity process.  Having written for everything from the New York Times Magazine and Business 2.0 to Cosmopolitan and Yoga Journal, she understands what the media need and want.  Like her clients, she has been featured in dozens of magazines, newspapers and Web publications and appeared on radio and TV.  Marcia’s eleven books include Six Steps to Free Publicity, Internet Marketing for Less Than $500/Year and Poor Richard’s Web Site Marketing Makeover.  Her coauthored book, Smart Speaking, was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Cheryl ClaypooleCheryl Claypoole’s flair for PR rests on more than 20 years of experience in obtaining publicity for small businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. As the PR manager for a Columbus, Ohio advertising agency, she placed hundreds of stories in local and national publications. Previously she worked as public information officer for a State of Ohio human services agency. Cheryl also helped produce, market and publicize a quiz show that aired on the Discovery Channel and was nominated for a Cable Ace award. 
Leonard FelsonAn award-winning journalist who reported for the Hartford Courant for 10 years and published articles in The New York Times, Marketing News, Family Fun and elsewhere as a freelancer, Leonard Felson has an insider’s understanding of the needs of print media as well as topnotch wordcrafting skills.  His copywriting clients range from corporate giants like Aetna and Travelers to small businesses and community organizations. 
What else is special about PressReleaseHelp.com’s service?

You choose your level of service: Save money by writing a rough draft of a press release for us to improve and polish, or enjoy the convenience of having us write the release from scratch.

1. Press release makeover

Give us a lousy press release and we give you back a great one! 
Cobble together a release that contains the gist of what you want to say. We’ll elicit any additional facts or background we need from you and transform it into a glistening wonder that gets results. It costs just $195.00.Sample press release makeover

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2. Press release writing 

You don’t want to bother drafting a release? No problem! Just give 
us the basic facts about what you want to publicize and we’ll draw 
the rest from you by phone or email. For just $395.00, we write it 
up so that it’s ready to generate your 15 minutes of fame.
Sample press release

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Turnaround time for both options: two business days from when we receive all the information we need. And yes, our service is completely confidential. Feel free to take the credit for our promotional magic with your boss. Ambitious corporate marketers have even paid us out of their personal wages to get promoted!

“As a result of the press release you did for me two years ago, the Calgary Herald selected me as one of the top 20 Calgarians to watch for in 2004. After that, I became the local yoga expert – interviewed on CBC, local radio, interviewed on a morning breakfast show, written about in six different news articles in the Herald and other news publications over the next six months. And I was called again last week for another interview.  Thank you!” – Susi Hately Aldous, Functional Synergy Yoga Studio, Calgary, AB

What about press release distribution?

Through a joint venture with PR Web Direct, we offer two options:  distribution to more than 100,000 media people via opt-in email for just $119 and search engine optimization of your release plus distribution for $350.

If you’re on an ultralow budget, use our free list of easy-to-use media directory links to hand-submit your release to appropriate publications, Web sites and broadcast shows.

Learn more about PR!

Whether or not you have a current need for a press release, take advantage of our hand-selected collection of educational resources on publicity and public relations.  Purchase products containing valuable tips on crafting releases, coming up with publicity angles, dealing with reporters and wangling an appearance on Oprah.

If you’d like to train with Marcia Yudkin to become a marketing and publicity consultant in 10 weeks, find out whether or not you qualify for her one-on-one protégé program.