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Marcia’s Makeovers:  24 Press Releases Transformed from So-So to Sizzling
Learn how to do your own press release makeovers with this collection of a dozen before-and-after samples and commentary.  Discover how to distill your message so that it captures attention right away in a media gatekeeper’s inbox.  See how to bolster credibility and eliminate things that annoy editors and producers.  94 pages;  $69.95;  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  
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Get Powerful Help in Reaching Your Marketing Goals
“Marcia Yudkin is a marketer whose intelligence, critical reasoning skills, and creativity set her apart from the crowd. As a former freelance writer for top newsstand magazines, she knows what persuades media gatekeepers and what turns them off. Marcia’s Makeovers demonstrates how to put the secrets of winning publicity writing to work for real companies in real situations.” – Peter Schaible, Director, Subscription Website Publishers Association

132 Ways to Make You or Your Business Newsworthy
Say good-bye to boring product releases and say hello to a successful media blitz with these creative mind-ticklers.  Discover 132 angles that earned other businesses press or broadcast coverage and could work for you too.  Includes a sample successful press release and a directory of press release distribution services and media contact information sites.  By Marcia Yudkin.  18 pages;  $9.95;   PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  Order now.

Powerful, Painless Online Publicity
This comprehensive, inspiring report by Marcia Yudkin spills the beans on the creative tactics that effectively spread your message online in 2004.  After reading its tips, you’ll have fun plotting publicity stunts, contests, quizzes and giveaways and using Internet tools to contact the media, who get the word out for you. Includes three before-and-after news releases and guidance on writing, targeting and delivering PR.  150 pages;  $95.00 $69.95;  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  Order now.

No More Writer’s Block! Become a Prolific Writer
Devise a customized-for-you creative process by understanding five elements of discipline and five elements of inspiration.  Learn five exercises that enable you to create raw material for your writing quickly and effortlessly.  Armed with new insights, you’ll soon wrap up that nagging writing task.  By Marcia Yudkin.  25 pages;  $19.95;  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  Order now.

So You Want to Write a Book
A book by you from a major publisher gives you a hard-to-beat publicity boost, while a self-published volume can create lucrative extra income.  Learn your publishing options, whether you need an agent and how to get one, how and why to write a book proposal and more. Updated written version of a seminar presented to more than 100 audiences throughout New England by Marcia Yudkin. 72 pages;  includes sample successful proposal;  $39.95;  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  Order now.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah
Find out how to get on the world’s most powerful talk show from someone who has successfully coached clients onto Oprah!  Besides very, very detailed advice from media and marketing coach Susan Harrow and tips from other Oprah insiders, you’ll receive an actual letter that led to someone appearing on the show and the names of Oprah’s producers.  More than 100 pages;  $129.00;  printed material, delivered by snail mail.  More info.

The Top 235 National TV Talk & Interview Shows
Want to get on top national TV talk shows like Good Morning America, Today and Larry King Live?  Bradley Communications’ database/directory spills the beans on the top 241 national TV and cable shows that interview authors and other guests.  Includes not only contact names, addresses and emails but also detailed profiles on each show, such as what types of guests they want and the best ways to approach them. With regular monthly updates, it’s $257.00; printed directory plus database in popular formats on floppy disk. More info.

Media Relations Power: 199 Ways to Get Free Publicity
Few publicists can match the savvy of former journalist Joan Stewart, publisher of The Publicity Hound, a popular PR newsletter.  This compilation of her 21 most popular special reports bursts with advice on what to expect from reporters, how to identify story ideas, tips for pitching over the phone or by letter, and much more.  Recommended for PR beginners and veterans alike.  162 pages;  $149.00;  PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.  More info.

PR Leads:  Get a Jump on Media Needs
Instead of waiting for reporters and producers to respond to your press release, you can get in on stories they already have in the works.  PR Leads helps you determine which topics you’d like to be quoted on, then feeds you timely notices from media people looking for sources in those areas.  Run by author and PR pro Dan Janal.  A year’s subscription costs $995.00, or you can pay $99/month.  More info.