Have Us Write Your Press Release:
The Easy Route to Media Coverage

Don’t waste your time or energy on press releases that are guaranteed to get tossed immediately into someone’s trash can!  Instead, let us write it for you.  Provide us with the information we need, we’ll contact you with questions, and you’ll soon have a well-written, intriguing and informative document ready to attract media coverage. 

Ordering a press release written from scratch, which costs $395.00, is easy. 
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Step 1.  Answer the questions in the order form below and be sure to provide your phone number, time zone and email address where you can be reached in the next two business days to answer questions.

Step 2.  After you click off this page, you’ll be asked to submit your credit card information through our secure-server processing system.  We’ll be in touch within two business days either with questions or with the finished release.  Find information about distribution options here. That’s it!  

Bonus!  Bonus!  Get a free four-month subscription to Bill Stoller’s monthly publication,Free Publicity, The Newsletter for PR-Hungry Businesses (worth $32.00) when you have us write a press release for you.

Questions?  We have probably answered them in our handy-dandy FAQ.

Order form for a press release to be written from scratch

With this form, you will have us write a press release for $395.00.  If you’d rather save money by giving us a press release to rewrite, click here.